Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 125g - Best before food
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 125g - Best before food
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 125g - Best before food

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes 125g

Vendor: Maldon
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小計: $7.00
If you've come this far, then the notion that salt is salt is surely old hat. But any lingering doubts will be put to...

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Ottimo prodotto ma consegna pessima

Il prodotto è ottimo ma pessima la consegna!! È arrivato tutto danneggiato con il sale ormai sabbioso. Si spende un po’ di più per un sale particolare a scaglie invece si vede recapitare farina..

4.0 out of 5 stars Valorizza ogni piatto

Il prodotto è ottimo , ho già quello classico ma questo con la fumi stura è decisamente migliore , non metto 5 stelle Perchè il pacco è arrivato tutto rotto e il sale in parte sbriciolato! Imballate meglio o dite ai postini scarpari di avere più cura dei pacchi!



R. Bravo
Maldon was a brand recommended by my cooking course

After learning some new things about cooking, I went scouring the web for premium salts. Maldon was a brand recommended by my cooking course, so it was one I was looking for in my search. The price was reasonable (for a gourmet salt) and the flavor sounded interesting, so I decided to give this a try and it is very yummy!

This salt definitely imparts a deep, smokey-type or perhaps "grilled" flavor to food, but it's not overwhelming; more of a compliment to the right dish. I wouldn't necessarily use it for every day salting, but on food where you want to add that extra layer of smokey complexity, this salt is perfect and awesome!

There are only two real cons I can think of. First, the packaging is extremely cheap and not terribly practical. The salt comes in a very flimsy cardboard box (which was already a bit smashed when it arrived). It doesn't close properly once it's warped at all and it kind of sits awkwardly on the shelf due to the warped box bottom.

Inside the box, the salt is packaged in a plastic bag, like you might find in a cereal box. It's fine, I suppose. It just feels cheap for what I thought was a gourmet salt, and for which I paid a gourmet price. And it is kind of awkward fishing the salt out of the bag. I think the best option would be to place the salt into a nice salt box, but I don't have one. And I just think the packaging could be more in-line with a gourmet product, and more useful on its own. Compare to the Himalayan Pink Salt I also bought which came in a nice, wide-mouth glass jar with classy labeling. That jar is easy to fit my fingers into to pick up pinches of salt, it has a lid, and it sits nicely in my cupboard.

Secondly, the salt crystals are quite large and you have to break them up with your fingers (or I guess you could grind them). On the plus side, the crystals are pretty brittle and break apart fairly easily. On the down side, it kind of hurts my fingers and you end up with lots of different sized chunks, which can be kind of weird when you're eating it and suddenly get a big salt crystal. I realize that Maldon salt is actually known for the unique, pyramid shaped crystals, and they are kind of cool looking, just not as practical as I would like.

Overall, I give this salt:
5 Stars for quality, taste, and uniqueness
1 Star for packaging and ease of use

sherri webber
Love the regular Maldon sea salt - the smoked 'flakes' ...

Love the regular Maldon sea salt - the smoked 'flakes' are a lot larger than the regular.

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