About Us

Helping people and families save money on groceries through food items that are already past their Best Before date.

Buying your groceries can be a challenging feat when you’re on a budget. More often than not, you’ll make compromises on quantity and quality just to get everything you need at home. But it doesn't always have to be that way. We at Best Before Food aim to help you maximize your budget for groceries through valuable information on food and their best before dates.

We aim to empower people to make smart choices when buying their groceries. Manufacturers often leave out relevant information about products and their best before dates. Our goal is to help you understand why certain food items are okay for consumption even when their best before date has already passed.

Some “food” for the thought: Did you know that the US alone wastes nearly 40 million tons of food per year?

We work with trusted suppliers who throw away perfectly fine food. They also get in touch with us so we can help reduce the amount of best before food items that are wasted.

We aim to help lessen these numbers by helping people understand why certain food items are very much okay for consumption even if their best before date has passed. We do this by sharing the information through our social media channels like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Through sharing valuable information about groceries and their best before date, we’re not only helping lessen food wastage, we’re also helping families maximize their monthly budget allocation for groceries.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from our mission of helping families get educated on best before dated food and save money, we’re also doing our part by helping donate some food items to the homeless.

In the US, there are over half a million people who are experiencing homelessness. We aim to help ease their day-to-day burden by asking suppliers for food items that are nearing or past their best before date to donate to people who are in need.

We aim to make Quality food items more accessible for less.

Imagine spending less for the food items and grocery products you love. Part of why we do what we do is because we understand how inflation is affecting the lives of people who are doing their best to make ends meet. By educating you about how it is still safe to consume products that are nearing or are past their best before date, we’re helping you access these quality grocery products for less.

Get educated and maximize your grocery budget, month after month.

While your local grocery store may have occasional deals and sales, we aim to help you maximize your monthly grocery allocation without sacrificing quality and quantity. By educating you of the valuable information about food items and their best before date, you can enjoy deals from us that are 24/7 available. That is, as long as supplies last.

Browse our store and score 24/7 deals on your favorite grocery food items without worrying they’ll get you or your family in danger.