Tylenol Nourrisson Cerise (2 Oz)

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La suspension orale de Tylenol pour nourrissons avec saveur de cerise sans colorant procure un soulagement temporaire des douleurs mineures de votre enfant dues au...

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A Happy Atheist
Infants is better than Children's

So, I realized that the "infant" versus "children's" liquid Tylenol formulations we'd found were the same strength, and I nearly bought the cheaper children's version. But then I realized that the infants formula contains an extra key ingredient: high fructose corn syrup. Judge if you must, but this stuff tastes great (yeah, I tried it). My baby takes this stuff happily, without dilution, straight in her mouth, no complaints. When confronted with a super-fussy, teething baby, it's really nice that she actually likes her medicine. And of course definitely check before you buy, to make sure that the formulation hasn't changed!

Jennifer A
Works for pain, stains things easily

This medicine has been very helpful with my son having a cold this week, but the red color gets on everything and stains it. He fights taking medicine so I have to be careful because of the color.

nancy a
Box damaged when arrived

Disappointed to see the box in such bad shape that I immediately checked the expiration date. It was fine but I don’t like that the box looks like it was beat up. See photo. Should have just gone to the pharmacy for this one.

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