Earth's Own - Soy Milk Barista Blend 946ml/32oz

Earth's Own - Soy Milk Barista Blend 946ml/32oz

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Earth's Own - Soy Milk Barista Blend | 946ml | Creamer | Cholesterol Free | Gluten Free Soy Beverage | Dairy Free | Nut Free...

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Jason R.
Works wonders in the Aeroccino 3.

We've been using the Oat Barista version of this for some time now for our milk based coffees with great results, and between that and the fantastic Vanilla Oat that Earth's Own makes I have pretty much eliminated dairy completely from most of my days (my goal is to not quit it, though). I'm not somebody that loves plant based alternatives most of the time, I'm not easy to please in this segment, but I really do like the Earth's Own products and this one is no different.

Just like the Oat version, the Soy Barista foams up great - better than it has any business to - and the foam actually lasts quite a long time, it doesn't immediately collapse if left to settle for a few minutes. It's a little bizarre tasting if you drink it straight, I don't recommend this as a "versatile" drink to have in the fridge - it's good for "milk" based coffee drinks, and I've found it's even good for the liquid base of plant based protein shakes, but it's too thick and oily to go down very nicely straight out of a cup. I discovered with the Oat Barista that if I foam it up and add a bit of sugar or chocolate syrup my kids are totally into it as a dessert and it's way healthier than giving them icecream or most anything else they'd consider a dessert - try it.

Wonderful dairy substitute. About $4 per 946ml

We have been trying several milk substitutes lately simply because, as a family, we want to cut down on dairy a little. This soy barista blend has been our go-to for our coffee each morning lately. We do grind our own coffee beans and make lattes every day. This 92% organic barista soy makes a great product for our lattes.

Delicious and easy to work with, & NOT PRICEY here

Really delicious and it froths well. We don't have a Aeroccino so we warm it up in the microwave and then use a handheld frother and it foams up beautifully. Tastes good as well and provides a nice touch to our homemade lattes as a topping. The price is reasonable at 48 for the 12 pack, and shipping was 12 bucks to calgary same day, which was high but my fault i dd not follow the 85$ free delivery, so next time so that's why I'm not giving it five stars, but quality wise they seem excellent.

Dr J
Delicious, but not economical

This is a really great non-dairy alternative for making lattes. It tastes delicious and foams perfectly. I've been using it with my DeLonghi espresso machine with perfect results.
The biggest con, and my reason for 4 stars, is the cost. The 12 pack works out to be a bit over $6 each; I usually buy this for $4-5 a carton (it's 4.99 at walmart). It's unfortunate that buying this by the cast is not more economical.

Travis W
Hands down the best plant milk for coffee I've ever tried!

Firstly - this is the first milk substitute of any kind that tastes good in a cuppa - it's almost as good as milk in a cup of tea! That should give you some indication of the flavor profile here.
This stuff is amazing, no exaggeration. I worked for several years at a couple of different coffee shops in college - I am an experienced barista, and remain a self-admitted coffee snob. How big a coffee snob? I think "latte art" is for people that can't foam milk properly...
This is hands down the best milk substitute I've tried, and when we switched to a plant-based diet we tried every one we could buy, and three that we made. The winner of that testing was a homemade blend of cashew milk and soy, but as good as it was it can't compete with this stuff. The texture here is nearly perfect, and the added fats and sugars create a smooth, balanced taste. It is a little bit sweeter than milk, and has a faint "creamer" aftertaste if you drink it neat, but this is not present in steamed drinks.
It foams just like milk, and unlike the overwhelming majority of plant milks, this one tastes better when it's steamed - anyone who has steamed soy milk knows about the potential for a "beany" flavor and chalkiness, and that is not an issue here at all. You can create a real cappuccino foam with this stuff, not quite as smooth as homo milk but again better than any other plant milk.
The flavor is the number one concern for me, but I have to address a couple more thing that impress me here - it's made in Canada by a company I respect - they make good, tasty stuff - and it's shelf stable. I can buy a case of this stuff and stick it in the pantry until I need it, I love that.

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