Nature's Path Old Fashioned Whole Grain Rolled Oats 510g

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BEST BEFORE DATE-MAY 2023 Nature's Path Old Fashioned Whole Grain Rolled Oats - 510g - Nutritious and Wholesome Breakfast Staple Introducing Nature's Path Old Fashioned...

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We like this brand. We luv the flavor & the texture. It doesn't turn to mush, after you cook it. I especially like that IT'S ORGANIC. Nature's Path does not use harmful toxic chemicals/pesticides or fertilizers to grow or process this product. We buy it in bulk for a good price thru Best Before Food. We are repeat buyers who reorder often. Not only do we eat it for breakfast most mornings, we also incorporate it into our smoothies. And, we use these old fashioned 100% whole grain rolled oats to make delicious & nutritious recipes. We make THE best potato latkes by adding some oatmeal & corn flakes to the recipe. Oatmeal is SO good for you. It can help lower your cholesterol & it's heart healthy. It's easy & fast to prepare, either in the microwave or on the stovetop. For creamier oatmeal, add milk instead of water. You can add honey, raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, ground flax, ground chia, ground hemp seeds...the options are endless.

Wok King
Value and Organic Favors Country Choice

Recently I've substituted steel cut oats for our cereal of choice after years of eating rolled oats (both regular and quick cook). I've tried McCanns and Country Choice, and since there are many reviews already posted, I'll slant mine based on Taste (mouth), Flavor (nose), Preparation, and Value.

I rate Taste (nutty and chewy) and Flavor (pleasant aroma) a dead heat (5*). I also looked at the Nutrition Labels of McCanns, Country Choice, and Quaker's rolled oats, both regular and instant. List included calories, total fats, carbs, fiber, and protein and all were virtually identical from a nutritional standpoint

Preparation. I've cooked all types of oatmeal via stove top but have not used the microwave. However, for the steel cut oats I also used a rice cooker, a Zojirushi model that had the capability for making porridge (this is the setting you want to use for steel cut oats), and this model had a timer that could be set in advance to finish cooking at a predetermined time. Although use of the rice cooker still requires a passage of time, actual cooking is automatic, whereas using the stovetop required at least 25-30 minutes of simmering and close supervision to prevent scorching. (Of course, rolled oats takes less time.)

Value: McCann's oats comes in a very attractive and elegant metal container (28 oz) and stresses the fact that it's Irish in origin whereas Country Choice comes in a cardboard container(30 oz) similar to the rolled oats type and boasts the fact that it is home grown (Minnesota) and is certified "organic." It should be noted that McCann also packages its steel cut oats in a cardboard box (16 oz). If you make your purchase via Best Before Food (current prices) and disregard the shipping expense, the per ounce cost is: McCann's 28 oz container cost 20.6 cents, McCann's 16 oz container cost 19.13 cents, and Country Choice cost 11.27 cents.

Since my personal evaluation finds both products even in Taste and Flavor, and both have similar cooking methodologies, my FIVE STAR choice is for the home grown, organic certified Country Choice which is also a big budget saver.

Excellent! Fresh, delicious, ships quickly, good price!

I used Quaker for years. Trying to eat organic as much as possible, so I switched to these. Old fashioned. Delicious, fresh. No issues with packaging. I add organic flaxseed. Fabulous. I find it to be a very quick, easy and satisfying breakfast. I have a tremendous appetite and these help with that, and I have occasional acid reflux and it helps with that, too. Oatmeal seems to absorb the acid, for me, anyway. Yay. A great, great breakfast and snack if you’re still hungry after dinner and don’t want to pig out. Highly recommend!

Best Natural Oatmeal I Have Found ANYWHERE!

20-years. It is THE BEST in every way!!! I even put it smoothies! You would be hard pressed to find any oatmeal that is equal in quality at such a decent price!

truly organic

Product was truly organic - free of insecticides & herbicides which give me migraines

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