UTZ Original Pork Rinds | Zero Carbs | Keto Friendly - 510 g/18oz

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Looking for a delicious and guilt-free snack that won't derail your diet? Look no further than UTZ Original Pork Rinds! These crispy and...

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Martin Lemelin
i did not received it yet

you say i got it but no

The Feefmeister
Nice pork rinds in a massive barrel

High-quality pork rinds made with just pork skins and salt. Oil is not listed as an ingredient, which I hope means the skins were fried in pork fat. Tastes porky, a little gamey, with a nice mix of big pieces (good for loading with dips or kimchi) and small pieces (good for throwing on top of salad). I like to eat or drink something afterward, though, because the fine crumbs tend to hang out at the back of my throat. The price seems volatile but can be quite attractive at times.

Great value & size. Rinds are big enough to use as 'chips'!

I'm on a Keto diet and these are GREAT for snacks. I love being able to eat these with guac - instead of chips to keep Keto. The rinds are mostly big until you get to the bottom - just with any breakable snack pack. This tub is a great value too. I've seen a tub half this size by Utz at a discount grocery store, but still at least double the price. Other brands are pricey. I only wish that they also offer spicy, but I just dash a bit of Tapatio for those cravings. My non-diet fiancee can't help but munch on them too!

Gone before we knew it

I was surprised at how large the container was, it was way more skins than I needed. I sat it on counter and noticed the family grabbing a few every time they walked by, and before long they were gone. I think these are great for a cookout or event, they were fresh, just plain tasting since no special seasoning on them.

Zachary Eck
Best keto snack for the money!

They're pork rinds, you're gonna get some dark, super crunchy ones with any you buy, but this one has the best ratio of soft and fluffy to hard and crunchy pork rinds that I've bought so far. Add some cream cheese for a dip, and I'll eat them all day long!

EDIT: These are also so good that the cleaning crew that cleaned our office at work had been stealing them when I left the tub out on my desk. I set up a hidden camera to catch them and got them replaced with a different cleaning crew. Crazy!

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