Core Power Fairlife High Protein Milk Shake, Chocolate, 14 FL Oz (12-Pack) - Best before food
Core Power Fairlife High Protein Milk Shake, Chocolate, 14 FL Oz (12-Pack) - Best before food
Core Power Fairlife High Protein Milk Shake, Chocolate, 14 FL Oz (12-Pack) - Best before food

Core Power Fairlife High Protein Milk Shake, Chocolate, 14 FL Oz (12-Pack)

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Enjoy a great tasting milk shake as part of your workout routine. Core Power Chocolate is a high protein milk shake with 26g...

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The HOLY GRAIL of protein shakes!

I have tried every single protein shake & powder out there and at BEST they’re tolerable in the sense you’re reminding yourself it’s good for you and you still have to usually doctor it up with additional ingredients to continue drinking them.

UNTIL I found these!! Before committing to buying a case of them from best before, I went and bought some individual bottles from the grocery store to try them out. I almost thought I had to have missed something on the nutrition label, because it was SO good, just by itself, straight out of the refrigerator. The chocolate is like a very very intense chocolate milk, with none of that weird protein drink aftertaste that inevitably follows. The same goes for the vanilla and the strawberry banana. So que my excitement that they went on super sale for prime day. I’ll be drinking these and these only from now on. They’re a treat, not a chore to drink!!


I am really enjoying this shake. Just the right amount and it tastes fabulous ice cold. I would recommend if thinking about buying.

Not too Shabby! Actually Tastes Gewd!

Ordered this for my post-surgery recovery, based solely on the positive reviews. I couldn’t try before I bought it so some assumptions were made before they arrived. I have had other protein drinks and shakes in the past like BOOST. They all taste like a chalk flavored milk of magnesia with industrial faux chocolate or strawberry flavoring; more of a suggestion than a taste. Gross, in a word. I had no choice but to order and go with it, chalky grossness or not. Protein is key to a healthy, quick, comfortable recovery post-op. I was pleasantly surprised!

Yes! It actually tastes pretty good! No, it doesn’t resemble milk of Magnesia with some chocolate farts thrown in for giggles. It tastes a bit nostalgic like Nestle’s Nesquik, ish.

You can mix and blend it with a banana and some blueberries for a really terrific shake packed with everything a body needs in one go. Plus it’s portable nutrition, so keeping the extra on hand for those days you just cannot decide what to eat but you have to get something in your stomach before you kill someone. Ice cold is the way to go with these and don’t forget to Shake it before opening!

Highly recommend. Ordered chocolate and strawberry, like both for different reasons.

Lisa DeStefanis
So good

I’m getting ready to have bariatric surgery and I am going to need to drink a lot of protein shakes and I usually can’t handle the flavor of them. Well, this one is by far my favorite kind. Tastes almost exactly like chocolate milk with a very very slight aftertaste that I hardly even notice.

lisa fulcher
My mom loves it

As the title states, my love this drinks. I haven’t had one yet but it seems good. I’m about to order more so I can finally drink one. They need to have caramel so I can put it in my coffee.

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